Installment loans online no credit check

Installment loans no credit check -Get installment loans online no credit check

An installment loan is a quick money option for almost anyone. Most offers are available online, so you can get cash quickly and without wasting time. However, like any financial liability, such a loan is granted on specific terms. It is also worth remembering that each non-banking company has its individual offer of financial products, granted quickly and with minimum formalities. What is worth knowing about them and how they can differ from each other? Here’s some practical information!

Get fast installment loans online no credit check up to $1500 

Installment loan - how much can you borrow and for how long

The popularity of para banks is growing among Poles. This is, inter alia, associated with an ever richer loan offer and changes in the law against anti-usury, which increasingly protects the interests of customers of non-banking institutions. To get new borrowers, loan companies offer a wide range of services. These are among others:

  • quick loans up to $ 10,000, with repayment terms of up to 90 days,
  • free loans for new customers, i.e. payday loans without additional costs, granted for a short time and small sums
  • payday loans without databases – loans without checking data in BIK and KRD.

How can you get a no credit check installment loan? Our finance company has a special product – a fast installment loans online no credit check that you can have on your account even in 15 minutes. This is the best option for those who need money for already. Unlike the usual payday loan, the loan amount is much higher and its repayment can be divided into many convenient installments.

Of course, every loan company has its limits on the sum and time for which it borrows money. The maximum installment loan amount in 15 minutes in our company is $ 10,000 – for new customers and up to 15,000 for regular customers. The repayment period can be spread over up to 48 months. And if there is an installment payday loan, you can check in this article.

Installment loan in 15 minutes via the Internet – little formalities and quick decision

A loan in 15 minutes is the fastest way to receive money. The majority of non-bank companies currently have financial products that can be obtained online. It is a convenient solution for everyone who does not want to waste time getting to the para bank branch, meeting with a representative or complicated banking formalities. An online loan can be taken without leaving your home at any time of day or night. However, it must be remembered that the basic formalities must be completed.
In the beginning, you should complete the loan application and provide such data as:

  • name, surname, citizenship, pesel
  • address, phone number, e-mails
  • Bank account number
  • form of employment
  • marital status
  • number of dependents

The next stage of the formalities is customer verification. It can be done by:

  • verification transfer
  • GIRO check
  • applications and verification systems

In the article – A loan without a transfer of 1 inferior to a bank account, we have collected detailed information on how to verify the customer.

Then the non-banking institution analyzes the information received. Our loan company operates in accordance with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsible lending. Therefore, we carefully check the data in BIK and KRD of each client. We also assess the financial situation of the borrower, i.e. whether he will be able to pay his liability on time, and this depends on his earnings and expenses. Thanks to this, you can avoid extremely unpleasant situations when the customer has a problem paying for his commitment.

More information on how to calculate your creditworthiness can be found in this article.

Are installment loans in 15 minutes always in 15 minutes?

Are installment loans in 15 minutes always in 15 minutes?

Non-bank companies offer their clients quick money without unnecessary formalities, even in 15 minutes. But will we always receive cash in such a short time? What determines the speed of the transfer?

Not necessarily – delays in transferring money to your account can be caused by several factors.

1. The working hours of the para bank are very prosaic. If the application is submitted online at night, no one will verify it immediately. Therefore, when looking for the right offer of quick installment loans, you should carefully check the business hours of the company.
In our Tweedledum and Tweedledee loan service, this is not a problem, because the process – registration, verification, transfer of funds to the account – is fully automated and takes a few minutes.
2. Another factor delaying the time to receive money is too much burden on the company. Because every customer who applies for a loan must be verified before receiving money, too many borrowers can slow down the verification process.
3. However, the lender is not always responsible for the delay. It may be related to the client’s unclear financial situation and lack of adequate creditworthiness. Then the non-banking company needs more time to make a decision or to propose other conditions for granting the loan.
4. It should be remembered that the delay may be affected by the time of posting the transfer at a given bank. It depends on whether it is an intra-bank transfer that is carried out on an ongoing basis or an interbank transfer – it’s booking usually takes 24 hours. Therefore, if you want time, choose a para bank that has a bank account that you use on a daily basis.

As you can see the installment loan can be obtained really quickly and without unnecessary formalities. However, for the money to be on our account in 15 minutes, you must remember to meet the above-mentioned conditions and principles when applying for a loan.

Type of financing: bank loan and installment loan

Car financing is by no means unusual these days, as interest rates for a corresponding financing rate have dropped extremely in recent years. This is an advantage for the customer, because he has more possibilities to compare the conditions. Although it seems quite convenient to carry out the financing directly from the car dealer, a car loan from an external bank has numerous advantages. The car purchase can be carried out via the classic installment purchase, but going to the bank is sometimes even cheaper.

Rigid offers from the car dealer

Rigid offers from the car dealer

Certainly, some people will note that buying an installment from the car dealer is equivalent to financing from the bank, but this view is simply wrong. The fact is that car financing through the dealer is presented to the customer in a very rigid and inflexible manner, since the car dealer is usually in cooperation with a partner bank and, accordingly, only this one offer from the partner bank will be available to the customer. However, this offer does not necessarily have to be the cheapest option for the future vehicle owner, since he has hardly any possibility of comparison. An extremely important effective credit comparison, which is fundamental for a purchase of the size of a vehicle, is simply impossible with financing through the car dealer.

More flexibility for the customer

However, the framework conditions are different when buying a car with a car loan from an external bank. Due to the fact that the Internet provides a very good overview of the financial market, the future car owner can find the cheapest research for himself and accordingly get his desired vehicle model more cheaply. Very cheap interest rates are sometimes available for a car loan because the bank’s credit risk is considered to be extremely low. However, this is because the vehicle to be financed acts as security even at the bank.

With a car loan from an external bank, the customer also has another advantage over the car dealership: he acts as a cash payer and accordingly has a much better negotiating position in terms of discounts and extras. Even if the car dealership’s car financing seems extremely advantageous at first glance, it often restricts the customer when negotiating. Special requests or special discounts are difficult because the dealers only offer the financing at favorable conditions for very selected models, mostly in the basic version. With a car loan through an external bank, the customer also has the advantage that he can arrange his car loan flexibly with regard to repayment options, special repayments and the like. This is not automatically the case with financing from a car dealership.

What makes loans expensive!

If you stroll past the windows and expenses of the banks, it is hard to believe in places at what low interest rates you can borrow money today. With interest of 3 – 4% even for amounts up to 10,000 USD – and without having to provide collateral – even larger purchases are still easy to finance and pay.

Shop window conditions and low interest rates

Shop window conditions and low interest rates

If you have made an appointment with the bank to negotiate a possible loan, these shop window conditions and low interest rates usually no longer exist – you would still have a mortgage open, the car has not yet been paid off, and the new employment relationship is firm and unlimited, but it has only been in existence for 12 months. All in all: the credit rating is good, but could be better – and the interest rate rises by a few percent.

If you do not immediately say yes, you can already save here, because a high front-end load, which is usually over 1% of the loan amount, as well as processing fees of 3 – 4% of the loan amount are not the possible lower limit, but rather a maximum customary in the industry, which is usually associated with the worse Creditworthiness is established – in addition to the higher borrowing rate. If you negotiate hard, a surcharge of 1% and processing fees of 1 – 2% are quite realistic with a good credit rating, you can save a lot on costs that only make the loan unnecessarily expensive.

As soon as everything is dry and the effective interest rate is barely more than 5 – 6%, even with amounts of 8,000 to 10,000 USD, you might think that the contract is ready for signature. At this point, however, there is often a hint that taking out residual debt insurance would be advisable – after all, no one in the current situation knows what it will look like in 2, 3 years and then of course you would like to be reluctant to have debts in the case of unemployment or even debts the family in the event of a sudden death.

In order to minimize this risk and be on the safe side, it is advisable to take out residual debt insurance, of course directly from the bank – and it hardly costs any more per month: 20 – 30 for significantly more security and the effective interest rate remains the same !

Expensive extras that do not represent protection!

Expensive extras that do not represent protection!

If the residual debt insurance were as good as it is advertised, there would basically be nothing against it. It is problematic, however, that this often only provides limited protection and then only in special cases, and above all: it is expensive and drives the credit costs to unprecedented levels. The actual costs (apportioned to the interest) are not visible to the customer – and do not have to be disclosed.

Because: A residual debt insurance is a voluntary, optional additional service – and this does not have to be included in the effective interest. If you included 20 – 30 USD per month in the ancillary credit costs, as well as the processing fees and the front-end load, a favorable interest rate of 5 – 6% would quickly climb to over 12 – 15%, with higher interest rates you can also easily and happily crack the “cheap” loan the 20 percent mark! Of course, hardly anyone would want to take out loans with such low interest rates!

Never sign immediately!

Never sign immediately!

Therefore, the following always applies: Before signing, you should always take the loan agreement home with you to sleep another night or to present it to a consumer advice center and get a second expert opinion on a specific case. It is not for nothing that residual debt insurance is the most expensive main factor that is most likely to be examined.

A signature should always be refused, no matter how dicey the situation or what the interest rate looks like, if the bank is not willing to give the contract, the total cost, including optional costs such as those for residual debt insurance in the effective ones, on request Calculate interest or even waive residual debt insurance. The latter in particular indicates that the bank is not interested in arranging a cheap loan, but only in selling one of the most expensive risk insurance policies!

Tip: Taking out life insurance or disability insurance as an alternative is usually much cheaper than residual debt insurance and both a larger range of liability and the total amount of liability can be agreed.

Contract is signed – what now?

Contract is signed - what now?

Once the contract has been signed, it can hardly be objected to unless the ancillary credit costs exceed the usual level by more than 100%, since the contract and the conditions could otherwise be classified as immoral (usury), which in the end mostly only can be clarified in court.

If you have made the signature, it is still not every evening, because at least the additional policy in the form of the residual debt insurance can be revoked up to 30 days after the signature. Even if the bank did not want to grant a loan beforehand without taking out residual debt insurance, it can no longer withdraw it.

However, if you only want to cancel the residual debt insurance after 30 days, it is more difficult: complete cancellation is not possible, except in the event of a general contestation of the contract due to immorality – however, the contract can still be partially dissolved, e.g. B. if various facts have been secured. For example, the most expensive thing in “all-round carefree insurance” is unemployment insurance: even separating this cost item can mean significant savings.

Take out a loan from the bank

Basically, taking out a loan is no longer cumbersome – in theory, a visit to the house bank with the necessary documents is enough, and your own loan agreement can be signed quickly. However, this does not mean that a bank loan should be taken lightly, on the contrary: depending on the amount of funding chosen, borrowing means an obligation over many years.

Of course, it is of primary interest to the borrower that the loan is as cheap as possible. The credit costs are initially based on the offered interest rates, but additional credit costs such as land registry costs and possibly estimation costs for real estate financing or agency fees and / or commissions may also be added if the loan is taken out through a credit agency.

Credit from the house bank?

Credit from the house bank?

The first course should actually lead to the house bank when it comes to borrowing – but only to inquire about the conditions there and then compare them online with the offers of the competition. The advantage of the house bank is that you are known there and that lending is often easier than with a foreign bank. This applies in particular with regard to checking the creditworthiness: the prospect’s accounts can be viewed easily, it is not necessary to provide account statements.

Where can I find low interest rates?

Where can I find low interest rates?

Unfortunately, cheap loan offers are a relative thing, because for most loans, interest rates are fixed on the applicant’s creditworthiness. In order to determine the creditworthiness or to be able to determine the customer’s scoring, Credit Bureau information is also obtained from German banks for small loans. Added to this is the so-called budgetary bill: the bank checks whether the applicant would theoretically be able to pay the loan installments. To do this, expenditure and income are offset – overall, the lower the interest rate, the lower the interest rate.

Interest rates can depend not only on the creditworthiness, but also on the amount of the loan and the chosen term, for example. Interest rates are also fixed every now and then – which sounds tempting, turns out to be relatively uneconomical in practice, since people with good creditworthiness pay more than they should for these loans and people with poorer creditworthiness do not receive such loans.

Full financing – interest and conditions | Loan rate

Not many banks actually offer full financing or financing without equity – it is correspondingly difficult to make general statements about which interest rates and conditions for full financing actually apply. In addition, it is difficult to name standard conditions for loans in general and therefore also for full financing, since individual factors are used for the calculation.

Factors used for the calculation

Factors used for the calculation

In most cases, two factors are decisive: firstly, the creditworthiness of the customer who requests the bank for full financing. Because banks are companies that have to include existing risks in their considerations or calculations in order to minimize the risk of never seeing a large part of the borrowed money again.

The second major factor that affects the interest and terms of financing without equity is usually the location of the property. The location of the property is relevant because full financing is often granted by regionally operating credit institutions and savings banks that use individual calculation bases.

The following case is assumed for clarification or as an example calculation:

The purchase of a newly built single-family house is to be financed, the market value of the property or the purchase price is 143,000 USD, plus 7,000 USD so-called acquisition costs.

Borrower’s wealth or income situation


The borrower’s wealth or income situation is impeccable, for example there are no serious negative entries in the Credit Bureau, and the borrower has had a permanent and permanent job for at least one year without having changed employers.

A first-rate land charge is entered in the land register as security, the combination of full financing with a Lite Lender loan is feasible. Under these conditions, financing without equity or financing with 120% – i.e. a loan amount of $ 150,000 – could result in the following interest and conditions, for example:

With a borrowing rate fixation of 5 years, a borrowing rate of 3.80% or an effective rate of 3.87%. The monthly rate would be 600 USD, the remaining debt after the end of the interest rate fixation, which of course can vary depending on the agreed repayment start, would be 141,754 USD.

Borrowing rate fixed 10 years – borrowing rate 4.45% – effective rate 4.54% – monthly repayment 681.25 USD, residual debt after borrowing rates 131.150 USD. Borrowing rate fixed 15 years – borrowing rate 4.96% – effective rate 5.07% – rate 745 USD – remaining debt 116,700 USD.

Borrowing rate fixed 20 years – borrowing rate 5.30% – effective rate 5.43% – rate 787.50 USD – residual debt 96,802 USD. Borrowing rate fixed 25 years – borrowing rate 5.52% – effective rate 5.66% – rate 815 USD – residual debt 69,501 USD. Borrowing rate fixed 30 years – borrowing rate 5.61%, effective rate 5.76%, rate 826.25 USD – remaining debt 32.743 USD.

It is a simple and accordingly idealized calculation.

11,000 USD credit – Do you need a guarantor for this amount?

Often a little more money is needed for a vacation, a larger purchase or an invoice. In such a case, an 11,000 USD loan can be helpful. It serves above all if it is a long-term purchase that cannot be quickly repaid.

Information about a 11000 USD loan

Information about a 11000 USD loan

The sum of 11,000 USD is not a small loan, but is paid off in installments. The term is over 48 months. Anyone wishing to take out this loan must first find a suitable offer. Before the applicant goes from bank to bank, a credit comparison can help. Every specific request for a loan is noted in the Credit Bureau and later has a bad impact on the credit rating.

When comparing loans, however, no personal information is required. It is sufficient to enter the loan amount and the term. The customer already receives offers from various banks. If there is a suitable one, an application can be made either directly to the bank or online. With every loan application, the customer must be solvent. He must be able to meet certain basic conditions so that the 11,000 USD loan is also approved.

Fulfill basic requirements – get credit approved

Fulfill basic requirements - get credit approved

Even if it is not a small loan and the 11,000 USD loan cannot be repaid so quickly, banks set conditions that the customer must meet. Everyone must meet these basic requirements, regardless of the credit line.

Anyone interested in a $ 11,000 loan must be fully legally competent. Before the law, these are people who are at least 18 years old. Persons who have not yet reached the minimum age must have a guarantor to make an application. Applicants who are unemployed will not receive a loan.

So an income is one of the requirements. This must be available in an appropriate amount. Adequate in that case means that it must be above a limit where it is allowed to seize it. Garnishments can occur if the customer increasingly ignores the installment payments.

The last requirement, which is just as important for banks, is Credit Bureau, which works with banks and credit institutions. All credit contracts, unpaid bills, cell phone contracts, rental arrears and any attachments are entered here. All payments that have not been made are classified as negative. If you have too many negative entries here, you can not expect to get a 11000 USD loan.

What is a guarantor needed for?

What is a guarantor needed for?

As soon as the bank classifies a customer so that lending is at risk, it is possible to take a guarantor. The customer must look for this guarantor himself. A guarantor is basically nothing more than another borrower for the same loan. There are certainly different reasons why an installment payment cannot be paid.

The bank doesn’t care, they just want their money back. As soon as a payment is not received, the guarantor’s account is accessed and the installment is debited from his account. Finding a guarantor like this is not easy, because he is liable for the other person’s credit with his income. A guarantor therefore often comes from within our own ranks. It can be the father, the mother or an uncle. It only matters that the guarantor has an income and can prove a good Credit Bureau.

Credit for buying a boat – what’s new?



So you can afford your new boat Buy instead of lease: If you want to take out a loan for a boat, there are many options on the credit market. The variety of conditions is remarkable for certain financing amounts.

Boat financing with installment credit

Boat financing with installment credit

Would you like to fulfill your wish for your own boat, but do not have enough equity to pay for it entirely out of your own pocket? Then you have two options: you can lease the boat or you can take out a loan.

However, not all financial institutions offer a special boat loan. Since a boat loan is very large, banks also require specific information and security before supporting consumers with an installment loan.

A solid credit rating is a prerequisite for the boat loan

A solid credit rating is a prerequisite for the boat loan

If you want to take out a loan for a boat, you have to meet several requirements. The minimum age is 18 years. Banks based in the country also require that you have your permanent residence in the country. You must also have a solid credit rating. As proof, borrowers request their latest payslips or comparable proof of income. They also get a current extract from the credit file to check your payment behavior and solvency.

What collateral and information do lenders require?

What collateral and information do lenders require?

In addition to a solid credit rating, lenders usually require security for the boat loan. The financed boat serves as security. If you are no longer able to service your credit installments, the bank has the option of selling the boat.

In order for the bank to determine the value of the boat, you have to provide a whole range of information. This includes a detailed object description of the boat including the type of boat, year of construction, origin of the seller, type of use and, for used boats, the number of previous owners. The bank also wants to see photos of the boat. The hull number must be recognizable on the photos. You must also submit the original invoice including VAT proof. If you buy the boat abroad, the bank requires the so-called “Bill of Sale” including tax proof. The name, address and country of origin of the boat manufacturer must appear on the invoice.If the financing amount for the boat is more than 10,000 dollars, you must also have it registered in the shipping register.

Equity improves conditions for boat loan Banks rarely finance the full purchase price for a boat. For most lenders, funding is limited to a certain percentage of the purchase price. Boat buyers must finance the remaining amount from equity. The more equity you bring, the better credit terms you can hope for. A higher equity component reduces the term of the boat loan and thus gives you advantages in forming interest.

Credit for a second hand boat

Credit for a second hand boat

It is entirely up to you whether you use your credit to finance a new boat or a second hand boat. If you want to buy a used boat, the lenders want to see some more documents. Among other things, you must provide an extract from the boat register, alternatively a copy of the previous boat license or a certificate of deregistration or deletion of the boat. Complete proof of the previous ownership structure is still required. You must also submit the original invoice to the bank.

Compare boat loans: what factors to look out for?

Boat financing is usually about very high loan amounts. In order to find a loan for your boat with the lowest possible interest rate, an independent loan comparison is recommended. The decisive factor for the cost of the loan is the annual percentage rate, which in addition to the nominal interest rate also includes processing fees and any other costs.
No boat credit with regular chartering

Some lenders only grant boat financing for the private use of the boat. If you would like to charter your boat temporarily, exclude lending from the outset. The reasoning: Third parties often do not treat a boat as carefully as the owner, it tends to cause damage, and the boat – and thus the security for the loan – loses value.